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Welcome to our Motoshow Plates Blog! We have created a blog to share all Motoshow Plates news with you.



Posted 2016/10/14 by Motoshow Plates


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Posted 2016/10/13 by Motoshow Plates

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Posted 2016/10/12 by Motoshow Plates

Advertisement is our daily routine for many years. Motoshow Plates is the right company for you if you wish to create a new replacement number plate as we have the experience and the hardware to ensure you'll get the plates you need to go safely on the road without being stopped by police and fined. We can make any kind of legal motorcycle number plates or car number plates as our online Plate Builder is designed to give you pretty much any legal plate size you may need.

We are special

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Posted 2016/10/12 by Motoshow Plates

We make over 50 different sizes of Motorcycle plates

Posted 2014/11/22 by Motoshow Plates

Protože si konflikt na východě Ukrajiny vyžádal už 4000 obětí, aktivistu Ilju Tymčenka zaujala zpráva Amerického institutu pro chirurgické výzkumy. Ta uvádí, že vykrvácení je nejčastější příčinou smrti u vojáků zraněných v bojích, kteří by ale při dostatečné zdravotnické pomoci mohli přežít.

Tymčenko za pomoci crowfundigové stránky shromáždil 2000 dolarů na nákup balíčků první pomoci se škrtícími obvazy, bandážemi a koagulantem QuikClot, který zvyšuje srážlivost krve.

Black and Silver Plate Builder

Posted 2014/9/28 by Motoshow Plates

The Motoshow Black and Silver number plate maker allows you to create your own black and silver show number plates for your car or motorcycle including UK and imported models, larger cars and 4x4's. Our online Black and Silver acrylic show number plates are manufactured using the best quality material so you can be certain about the best quality products on market. You can choose from many sizes to find the right show plate which will meet your requirements. If you wouldn’t find the correct size please contact us and we will be happy to help. We also offer a great range of fonts which can be found on the Black and Silver number plate maker to help you create your very own black and silver show number plates even more sparkle.

Black & Silver Plates

Black & Silver Plates

As you already know, we try to work very hard to improve our service and also to offer always something NEW. Here we come with a great new option to create and order your very own Black & Silver Acrylic Plates (read more)!

Fitting Shop

Number Plate Surrounds & Fitting

Great news for our regular and new customers! Now you can order only fitting or number plate surrounds separately. For more details visit our new Fitting shop NOW!

Facebook Update

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UK Number plates history

History of UK Number Plates

Did you know that we’ve added some really interesting articles about a history of number plates and how they have developed since? (read more)